Aindrea Emelife standing against a cream background, wearing a black blazer.

Aindrea Emelife is a Nigerian-British curator and art historian specialising in modern and contemporary art, with a focus on questions around colonial and decolonial histories in Africa, transnationalism and the politics of representation. Aindrea is currently Curator, Modern and Contemporary at MOWAA (Museum of West African Art). She's also the curator of the Nigeria Pavilion at the 2024 Venice Biennale.

Framed photographs displayed on a white wall at The Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD)

The Association of International Photography Art Dealers encourages public support of fine art photography by acting as a collective voice for the dealers in fine art photography and through communication and education that enhances the confidence of the public, museums, institutions and others in responsible fine art photography dealers.

Black and white portrait of Allison Glenn wearing a white cotton top.

Allison Glenn is a New York-based curator and writer focusing on the intersection of art and public space, through public art and special projects, biennials and major new commissions by a wide range of contemporary artists. She's also a Visiting Curator in the Department of Film Studies at the University of Tulsa, organizing the Sovereign Futures convening.

In-situ photograph of person walking past artworks by Alteronce Gumby in Nicola Vassel Gallery.

Alteronce Gumby is an artist and local of New York City. His artistic practice includes painting, ceramics, installation and performance. Gumby’s work has been exhibited at galleries such as Hauser & Wirth, Gladstone Gallery and Camden Arts Centre. Through Gumby’s fluorescent and chromatic spectrum of iridescent color, the artist engages the viewer and expands the notions through which we perceive form and color, the subjectivity on identity, the materiality on earth and cosmic space. He's represented by Nicola Vassell Gallery.

Black and white film photograph by Andre. D Wagner of a man holding a child while riding a bike in a city.

Andre D. Wagner is a photographer and artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. He explores and chronicles the poetic and lyrical nuances of daily life, using the city - particularly his own neighborhood and community - as his subjects. His work and practice fits into the lineage of street photography that investigates the American social landscape, often focusing his lens on themes of race, class and cultural identity. Wagner is committed to photographic processes, developing his own black and white negatives and making silver gelatin prints in his personal darkroom.

Portrait of Antwaun Sargent crouching in a gallery space, looking directly at the camera.

Antwaun Sargent is a writer, curator and a Director at Gagosian. His recent books are *The New Black Vanguard: Photography between Art and Fashion* (2019) and *Young, Gifted and Black: A New Generation of Artists* (2020). His recent exhibitions include the group show series Social Works and solo presentations of artists Rick Lowe, Tyler Mitchell, Awol Erizku, Amanda Williams, Virgil Abloh and Alexandria Smith.

Bernard I. Lumpkin standing in his home, filled with art, books and designed objects, wearing a white button up and navy suit coat.

Bernard I. Lumpkin is a contemporary art collector, patron and educator whose commitment to both emerging and established artists of African descent is part of a broader mission of institutional advocacy and support. He currently sits on the Board of Trustees of the Studio Museum in Harlem and the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture Committee. At the Museum of Modern Art, he serves on the Media & Performance Committee and is also the Vice-Chair of the Friends of Education patron group. He's advised public and private organizations on collecting and patronage and participated in discussion panels at art fairs, auction houses and universities. Mr. Lumpkin was educated at Harvard (A.M., Ph.D.) and Yale (B.A.), where he sits on the Dean's Council at the Yale School of Art. The Lumpkin Boccuzzi Family Collection is the subject of a bestselling new book - *Young, Gifted and Black: A New Generation of Artists* (DAP, 2020) - and a nationwide traveling exhibition.


BlackStar creates the spaces and resources needed to uplift the work of Black, Brown and Indigenous artists working outside of the confines of genre. We do this by producing year-round programs including film screenings, exhibitions, an annual film festival, a filmmaker seminar, a film production lab, and a journal of visual culture. These programs provide artists opportunities for viable strategies for collaborations with other artists, audiences, funders, and distributors. They prioritize visionary work that is experimental in its aesthetics, content, and form and builds on the work of elders and ancestors to imagine a new world. We elevate artists who are overlooked, invisibilized or misunderstood and celebrate the wide spectrum of aesthetics, storytelling and experiences that they bring. We bring that work to new audiences as well as place it in dialog with other past and contemporary work. And, we curate every aspect of our events to be intentional community building efforts, connecting diverse audiences in a Black-led space centered on joy and thriving.

Man in studio

Caleb Hahne Quintana is a documenter of light. Across portraiture, landscape, and still life paintings his nuanced, meditative observations reveal that our environments encapsulate specific states of mind. His approach to these familiar subjects is tender, showing a sense of care in capturing the familiar. He begins with drawing - a step he describes as “liberating” and will often repeat subjects across media including, colored pencil, ink, and gouache before moving to “the more arduous act of painting.” Hahne Quintana’s paintings elevate the mundane to the profound and the overlooked to the monumental through his emotional responses to place and memory.

Man wearing a patterned jacket stands at a table with drawings laying out on the surface in front of him.

The Center for Art and Advocacy believes that there is an abundance of uncultivated talent and exceptional creativity among individuals who share the lived experience of incarceration. At a time when our country leads the world in the criminalization of its most vulnerable populations, often made up of people with marginalized identities, they find that justice-impacted artists within the U.S. are especially at risk of being under-funded, under-mentored, under-resourced and under-connected within the traditional institutions and arts communities. The Center aims to improve these outcomes by providing financial and community support via our catalytic flagship, the Right of Return Fellowship, mentoring and professional development with their capacity-building Academy and Arts Incubator program, and their premiere Residency and Retreat in Pennsylvania. Their distinctive perspective makes this community specially equipped to advance change throughout the United States by reframing our society’s criminal legal narrative and advocacy for racial justice and equity, using the vehicle of art to build, organize and support local and national movements.

Portrait of Camila Falquez crouching on a white apple box, wearing a long blue gown, holding her braided hair in her hand. The background is blue with a red fabric draped in the left portion of the frame.

Camila Falquez is a New-York based photographer. As a Colombian immigrant who grew up in Mexico City and Spain, Falquez has developed her own visual and photographic language, channeling the feelings of longing in traditional fashion imagery into more inclusive pictures that speak to representation and social consciousness. Her work merges a personal form of surrealism with a distinctive color palette andempowering gaze. Her images have been published in The New York Times, TIME Magazine, WSJ, Vogue Spain and Vogue Italy, among others. She's collaborated with brands such as Apple, Hermes and Nike and is represented by Hannah Traore Gallery.

Two dancers in wheelchairs on a blue stage with a starry backdrop. This is Kinetic Light by Alice Sheppard.

Founded in 1999 in response to the NEA discontinuing its grants to individual artists, Creative Capital’s mission is to advance artistic freedom of expression by funding underserved, risk-taking artists in the creation of new work. Known as the “gold standard in artist support,” Creative Capital awards grants via a democratic, national open call process, and provides grantees with professional development, peer mentorship, and community building resources. To date, $55 million in grants and services have been awarded to over 950 artists to create radical new work in the visual arts, performing arts, film, technology, literature, and multidisciplinary and socially engaged forms. More than 75 percent of Creative Capital awardees in recent years identify as artists of color, LGBTQIA+, women, and artists with disabilities, and its education programs and artist resources have served more than 250,000 artists globally.

Expansive desert vista with a single red carpet stretching into the distance, and three figures standing at the edge of the carpet.

Diana Markosian is at the forefront of a new generation of photographers, pushing the boundaries of documentary storytelling. By encapsulating different styles and mediums, Markosian has created a unique approach to image making. Her first monograph, *Santa Barbara*, was published by Aperture in 2020 and selected as the top photo book of the year by MoMA and TIME Magazine. She's a regular contributor to Vogue, Vanity Fair and National Geographic Magazine. Her work is represented by Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire in Paris and Rose Gallery in Los Angeles. Markosian holds a masters degree from Columbia University.

Blonde woman wearing a black button down leaning against a glass door, smiling slyly.

Fernberger Gallery, founded by Emma Fernberger in January 2024, strives to exhibit an intergenerational program of artists who carry a global perspective, with an emphasis on women-identifying artists. Unifying the program is a sense of intensity and instantaneity. Fernberger is interested in “artists whose work elicits instant visceral reactions; high-impact yet thoughtful; historically-rooted works with sensitive and cerebral underpinnings. I think that art has transformative properties that can move and unite people.”

Three artworks hanging on white walls at the FLAG Art Foundation exhibition space.

The FLAG Art Foundation is a nonprofit exhibition space that encourages the appreciation of contemporary art among diverse audiences. Founded in 2008 by art patron and philanthropist Glenn Fuhrman, FLAG presents rotating exhibitions that include artworks borrowed from a variety of sources. FLAG invites a broad range of creative individuals to curate thematic group shows and works in-depth with artists to provide curatorial support and a platform to realize solo exhibitions.

Two artworks hanging against black walls in a dimly lit room at The Ford Foundation Gallery.

The Ford Foundation Gallery Opened in March 2019 at the Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice in New York City. The gallery spotlights artwork that wrestles with difficult questions, calls out injustice and points the way toward a fair and just future, functioning as a responsive and adaptive space and one that serves the public in its openness to experimentation, contemplation and conversation. Located near the United Nations, the space draws visitors from around the world, addresses questions that cross borders and speaks to the universal struggle for human dignity.

Portrait of Hannah Traore wearing a tan two-piece suit set and sneakers, laying on a seamless white backdrop.

Hannah Traore Gallery is a space committed to advocating for and celebrating artists who've been historically marginalized from the mainstream narrative. Whether underrepresented, overlooked or exploited, HTG builds a path forward to share their extraordinary visions with the world. HTG values connections - with artists, collectors, brands and institutional spaces - and maintains a focus on building true and lasting relationships. Understanding that art is in constant dialogue with design, fashion, media and the ever-changing world around us, HTG is dedicated to broadening the notion of what is deemed appropriate for the gallery setting. In doing so, the gallery engages both novice and experienced audiences in new ways.

Woman wearing white puffer coat stands against a white wall with pink textures being projected on top of her face.

Ja’Tovia Gary is a filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist working across documentary, avant-garde video art, sculpture and installation. She's deeply concerned with re-memory and employs a rigorous interrogation and apprehension of the archive in much of her work, seeking to trouble notions of objectivity and neutrality in nonfiction storytelling by asserting a Black feminist subjectivity and applying “an oppositional gaze” as both maker and critical spectator of moving image works. Intimate, often personal and politically charged, her works unmask power and its influence on how we perceive and formulate reality. Gary’s films and installations serve as reparative gestures for the distorted histories through which Black life is often viewed. Black spiritual technologies, ancestral legacies, and the interiority of Black life often pull focus in Gary’s multivalent works. Gary has exhibited at the Hammer Museum, The Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Museum, MoMA PS1, Dallas Museum of Art, Centre Pompidou, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Locarno Film Festival, New Orleans Film Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Anthology Film Archives, Film at Lincoln Center and Harvard Film Archives, among other spaces.

Artwork featured at Jack Shainman Gallery of a dancer wearing a yellow unitard against a yellow background.

Jack Shainman Gallery has been dedicated from its inception to championing artists who have achieved mastery of their creative disciplines and are among the most compelling and influential contributors to culture today. For four decades, the gallery has earned a reputation for introducing international artists to American audiences and for promoting and developing young and mid-career artists who have gone on to gain worldwide acclaim, presenting the first New York exhibitions of artists including Nick Cave, Hayv Kahraman, Meleko Mokgosi, Richard Mosse, Toyin Ojih Odutola, Hank Willis Thomas and Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, among many others. Today, the gallery is celebrated for its multicultural roster of emerging and established artists and estates who engage in the social and cultural issues of their time.

Watercolor artwork of nude figure against an off-white backdrop, jumping away from the viewer, holding a sickle in their hand with their other fist pressed towards the sky.

Since 2007, James Fuentes has championed a gallery program led by exceptional contemporary artists who are atypical from the conventions of their field. The gallery is known for its focus on humanity, history and society with a non-exclusionary approach, positioning itself as a leader in the field, as our contemporary institutions seek to do the same. In the spring of 2023, the gallery opened an outpost in the Melrose Hill neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Portrait of Jordan Huelskamp wearing a black blazer against a neutral white background.

Jordan Huelskamp is a New York-based entrepreneur and an innovative leader in the art and technology space whose expertise includes digital strategy, curation and community building. She is the founder of Salon, an internet-based member-managed contemporary art collection owned by a decentralized community of tastemakers, displaying its works in the homes of its members around the world. Huelskamp is also Curatorial Lead at Artsy, where she spearheads merchandising strategy across the brand’s app and marketing channels, reaching an audience of 5M+ social followers and monthly active users - the largest online audience in commercial art. Her interests in merging art, human connection and emerging technologies draw from previous experience as an arts and culture writer as well as roles at Apple and early stage Silicon Valley start-ups. Salon was born from Huelskamp’s continued vision for a more democratized art world, strengthened by art market savvy gained through years at Artsy and her proven track record growing nascent communities. Huelskamp was educated at Stanford University (B.A. in American Studies) and Columbia University (M.S. in Journalism).

Portrait of Miles Greenberg in a white turtleneck sweater against a dark green wall with his eyes closed and head tilted upwards.

Miles Greenberg is a New York-based performance artist and sculptor. His work consists of large-scale, sensorially immersive and often site-specific environments revolving around the physical body in space. His installations are activated with extreme durational performances that invoke the body as sculptural material; these performances are then captured in real time before the audience to generate later video works and sculptures. Rigorous and ritualistic in its methodology, Greenberg’s universe relies on slowness and the decay of form to heighten the audience’s sensitivities. The work follows self-contained, non-linear systems of logic that are best understood in relation to one another. At age seventeen, Greenberg left formal education, launching himself into four years of independent research on movement and architecture, which spanned a number of residencies in Paris, northern Italy, Beijing and New York. He’s worked under the mentorship of Édouard Lock, Robert Wilson and Marina Abramović, and has since exhibited extensively internationally.

Three abstract multicolored paintings hanging side by side at Monique Meloche Gallery.

moniquemeloche was founded in October 2000, with its debut exhibition ‘Homewrecker’ at Meloche’s home, and officially opened to the public in May 2001. Diverse and inclusive since its inception, the gallery promotes politically minded contemporary art, aiming to be a bellwether for artistic talents early or under-recognized in their careers. Working with an international group of emerging and established artists in all media, the gallery presents conceptually challenging installations in Chicago and at art fairs internationally, with an emphasis on curatorial and institutional outreach.

Large paintings hanging on two walls at Nicola Vassel Gallery. The walls are different colors– white and kelly green.

Nicola Vassell Gallery is a contemporary art gallery committed to discourse that widens the lens of the history and future of art. Its focus is on developing an inter-generational, cross-disciplinary program of international artists and thinkers.

Artwork by Nancy Baker Cahill of mushroom cloud explosion hovering over the surface of the ocean.

Nancy Baker Cahill is an award-winning interdisciplinary artist whose hybrid practice focuses on systemic power, consciousness and the human body. She creates research-based immersive experiences, video installations and conceptual blockchain projects rooted in the history of drawing. Her monumental augmented reality artworks extend and subvert the lineage of land art, often highlighting ecological imagination, civics and a desire for more equitable futures. She’s the Founder and Artistic Director of 4th Wall, a free, AR public art platform exploring site interventions, resistance and inclusive creative expression. Her globally-exhibited geolocated AR installations have earned her profiles in The New York Times, Frieze Magazine and The Art Newspaper, among other publications, and she was included in ARTnews’ list of 2021 ’Deciders’. Her work is held in the collections of the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; The Museum of Art and History, Lancaster; RFC Art Collection, Miami; and 0x Collection, Prague.

Exterior image of the backyard at Onna House in Easthampton, New York.

Housed in a Japanese modernist 1960s residence in the center of East Hampton, Onna House is a sanctuary filled with art, furniture, and objects by women artists and designers exclusively. With a dual mission to support and create visibility for these artists and provide a gallery space to display their work, founder Lisa Perry combines her passions under one roof to carefully curate the private home and studio. Onna House acts as a space for women artists to engage and collaborate and for collectors to discover new work.

Reception desk at PATRON gallery with plants and brick walls visible in the background.

PATRON is a contemporary art gallery in Chicago created by Julia Fischbach and Emanuel Aguilar in 2015. PATRON is founded on the defining characteristics of a patron of the arts: a person chosen, named or honored as a special guardian, protector or supporter. With this foundation set as a cornerstone, the gallery hopes to help open new avenues for audiences to engage with and find access to contemporary art.

Five men dressed in suits holding palm branches on a beach.

Founded in 1924 and with over 500 English titles in print, Prestel Publishing is one of the world’s leading publishers in the fields of art, architecture, photography and design. The company has its headquarters in Munich, offices in New York and London, and an international sales network. Prestel is one of the world’s leading illustrated book publishers with a stunning list of beautifully crafted books on all aspects of art, architecture, photography and design. From the latest pop culture and fashion to major exhibition catalogues and a comprehensive selection of fiction and non-fiction for children of all ages, Prestel ensures that quality reigns throughout everything they publish. Prestel is the publisher for art lovers, designers and those with an eye for beauty - young and old alike, Prestel appeals to all those with a passion for visual culture. Since the very beginning, Prestel has emphasized quality. This has won the company wide recognition and numerous awards in the publishing world.

Twelve black and white drawings of facial features arranged in a tile, featured at Print Center New York.

A non-profit organization, Print Center New York champions printmaking as an art form that drives invention, collaboration, and access and plays a vital role in society. Through exhibitions, public programs, education and artistic development, Print Center New York is a hub of exploration and inquiry for all those engaged with and new to prints. Print Center New York aspires to bring greater exposure, recognition, and opportunity to the field of printmaking through a Center exclusively focused on the art form, positioning itself as a welcoming space and essential destination for showcasing print in cross-disciplinary contexts while highlighting what sets printmaking apart: its experimental character and immense technical possibilities, its collaborative nature and collective ethos, its broad dissemination and democratic underpinnings and more. The organization actively expands the audience for art through programming that educates, inspires and builds community, creating bridges to enhance the vibrant ecosystem of artists, printers, museums, galleries, students, collectors and art enthusiasts both locally and the world over.

Portrait of two women sitting on metal chairs against a neutral white background.

Project for Empty Space (PES) is a multifaceted arts organization in downtown Newark, NJ and downtown Manhattan, NY. PES is a woman-run, femme-powered, People of the Global Majority/BIPOC, Queer, and unapologetically radical ecosystem for creatives. Today, PES provides safe, equitable spaces for artistic innovation and complex public engagement by supporting artists whose work is oriented toward social discourse. Their programs lean towards discourses that have been historically and systemically erased such as marginality, in-equity and visibility. In an effort to support socially-oriented artists, they maintain a commitment to holding space for radical future-making through their programs, which include the Artists In Residence program, the Feminist Incubator, gallery exhibitions and programs, their subsidized studio program, the Newark Artist Accelerator (NAA) regranting program, the Newark Artists Database and public art projects. In addition to fulfilling this mission in Newark, PES will also add an exhibition and hybridized residency program in New York City’s Lower East Side, where the organization originally began in 2010.

Painting of figure sitting in a metal chair against a teal wall with sunlight streaming in and casting shadows.

Roberts Projects represents mid-career and established artists of international recognition as well as emerging artists. The gallery’s focus is to present a diverse and ambitious program emphasizing museum-quality, installation-based exhibitions. Roberts Projects showcases as well as commissions projects with artists who work using a variety of mediums including but not limited to drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, film and performance. By exhibiting artists across multiple generations and continents, the gallery establishes a discursive critical voice in addressing diverse perspectives of art within a broader context of contemporary artistic practices. In keeping with its priority of championing the contributions of established artists and the potential of young artists alike, the gallery periodically mounts expansive survey shows of historical note. The gallery’s publication division produces books and catalogues focusing on exhibition surveys, contemporary artists and art historical monographs.

Close up image of person zesting lemon onto poached pears at a Rococo event.

Rococo is an art advisory focused on the connection behind the transaction. We believe that bringing art into your space creates an active dialogue of storytelling and synergy and emphasize this special relationship between artist and client in every exchange. Founded by Maria Vogel, whose experience in the art world spans across the industry, Rococo is the culmination of her varied background and noteworthy relationships, especially with artists, built along the way.

Two people (Trevyn and Julian McGowan) stand in the center of a large room with tall ceilings and large vertical beams.

Established in 2008 by Trevyn and Julian McGowan, Southern Guild represents contemporary artists from Africa and its diaspora. With a focus on Africa’s rich tradition of utilitarian and ritualistic art, the gallery’s programme furthers the continent’s contribution to global art movements. Southern Guild’s artists explore the preservation of culture, spirituality, identity, ancestral knowledge and ecology within our current landscape. In the true spirit of a guild, the gallery was founded on the principles of community and collaboration, and grew out of a desire to provoke new work, facilitate alliances between differing disciplines and articulate what it means to be human. Having pioneered the collectible design category on the continent, the gallery showcases excellence across both functional and contemporary art. Southern Guild partners meaningfully with artists through artwork production and exhibition-making to foster their careers and propel their capacity for creative evolution. The gallery nurtures new talent through educational projects, talks, mentorship initiatives, and its own GUILD Residency, an international studio programme for artists seeking to engage with the local context.

Black and white image of woman standing against brick wall with her arms stretched above her head, smiling to the right.

The Tate’s mission is to increase the public’s enjoyment and understanding of British art from the 16th century to the present day and of international modern and contemporary art. Tate Publishing brings the best new writing on art and the highest quality reproductions to the widest possible range of readers.

Photograph by Tyler Mitchel of five shirtless men standing in a field with their back towards the camera.

Tyler Mitchell is an artist, photographer and filmmaker based in Brooklyn. He received his B.F.A. in Film and Television from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. His work introduces new narratives about Black beauty and desire, embracing themes of the past and creating fictionalized moments of the imagined future. Mitchell’s work is characterized by a visual representation of Black life that emphasizes empowerment, play and self determination. He is often inspired by pastoral and domestic scenes from his upbringing in suburban Georgia. In 2018, he made history as the first Black photographer to shoot a cover of American Vogue for Beyoncé’s appearance in the September issue. The following year, a portrait from this series was acquired by The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery for its permanent collection. Mitchell has been a visiting artist and lecturer at a number of institutions including Yale University, Harvard University, NYU, Paris Photo, and The International Center of Photography. He’s represented by Jack Shainman Gallery

Installation at WORTHLESSSTUDIOS for the exhibition, 1-800-HAPPY-BRITHDAY, which features a brightly colored candy stand with a vendor standing inside.

WORTHLESSSTUDIOS is an artist community space in Brooklyn, New York that provides studio space, materials, technical assistance, tools and financial resources to artists of all backgrounds to realize their creative visions. The orgaization is committed to supporting all of the many needs that artists face in New York when producing artwork, public art and exhibitions, dreaming up and executing projects in collaboration with community partners and resident artists. In producing art rooted in artistic activation, community engagement and education, they believe that we must go beyond simply making artwork. WORTHLESSSTUDIOS is a New York not-for-profit 501(c)3.

Expansive warehouse space filled with multi-level racks of yellow-colored garment bags.

Founded by collectors who sought a new standard of storage and services, UOVO is dedicated to providing pre-eminent logistics solutions for art, fashion, wine, archives and collectibles. Headquartered in New York with locations across the United States, UOVO is operated by a team of industry professionals with decades of experience.